Google Digital Garage Exam Answers – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google Digital Garage Exam is conducted by Google on their platform. Once an individual passes the exam he/she gets a passing certificate from google which you can use in your portfolio. Here you will find the answers for the google digital garage – Fundamentals of digital garage answers. You can practice the whole exam and then take the exam. If you fail this exam you can retake the exam. Google Digital Garage Answers is being provided by Itcertificationanswers to increase the chances of your passing.

You will get all the modules below. You can check all 26 one by one and then take the Google Digital Garage exam.

Google Digital Garage Exam Answers 2021

Google Digital Garage Module 1 Answers – The online opportunity

Google Digital Garage Answers of Check Your Knowledge

1. Intro to the Digital Garage 

Doing business online brings lots of fantastic opportunities – it can really help your company in new and exciting ways.Once your business is online, what opportunities can you take advantage of?

  • Finding lots of new customers – everyone’s online these days
  • Selling your products or services straight from your website or app
  • Delivering targeted advertising to customers
  • Saving money on your heating bills
  • Learning more about what your customers love
  • Using analytics to power your online sales

2. Your digital opportunity

Karl, a 50-year-old mechanic, runs the local garage in a small town and is considering taking his business online.How could going digital benefit his business?

  • He’d be more visible to customers
  • He can target ads at local customers
  • It’s easier to communicate with customers
  • Less need for customer conversations
  • More insights into customers’ online behaviour
  • He can modernise his company logo

Google Digital Garage Answers of Quiz

1. The increased use of the Internet presents a lot of potential for which types of businesses?

  • All businesses
  • Small business owners
  • International businesses
  • Local businesses

2. Taking a business online can involve many different steps. When starting out, which activity could be a part of this process?

  • Sending flyers with your web address to customers
  • Creating a business listing in online local directories
  • Increasing print and billboard advertising
  • Building a team of digital advertising experts

3. Which of the following is the easiest way for visitors to learn about a business while visiting a website?

  • Getting a free ‘taster’ of one of your products when they sign up to receive emails
  • Listening to an audio file that auto plays whenever someone visits your site
  • Browsing your product pages and reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Reading the terms and conditions for your products on your site

4. What is a key benefit of having an online presence for a business?

  • The ability to sell products directly to customers through social media
  • Being visible when people search for a business like yours
  • Sending users emails to update them on new products
  • Being able to offer new customers promotional discounts

Google Digital Garage Module 2 Answers – Your first steps in online success

Google Digital Garage Answers of Check Your Knowledge

1. Your Online Goals

Hamish is a successful hairdresser. He’s decided to grow his business by opening another salon.Hamish doesn’t have an online presenceyet, but thinks this might help.Which of his business goals could being online help him achieve?

  • Attract new customers
  • Gather customer feedback
  • Source new hair colouring products
  • Advertise extended opening hours

2. Building Your Online Presence

Hamish has created a website with an online booking system for his salon appointments.He wants to engage more with his customers and came up a list of goals.Help Hamish to match each task with the online tool you think he should use to achieve his goal.

  • Gather customer feedback – Email Survey
  • Tell customers about the extended opening hours – Social Media Page
  • Show customers Hamish’s latest hair looks – An online gallery
  • Help local customers find the new salon – A map

3. Marketing Your Online Presence

Hamish’s website isn’t getting as many visitors as he’d like.He’s heard that search engine marketing (SEM) can help, but isn’t sure how it works.Can you explain what SEM enables you to do?

  • Buy ad space on a search results page
  • Bid for keywords to display your content in search engines
  • Tag keywords within your website content
  • Optimise your website’s design

4. Analyse and adapt

Despite his digital presence, the number of hits on Hamish’s website is still low. He’d like to use analytics to find out more about how customers are interacting with his site. What can he learn from analytics?Select the ways you think analytics can help business owners.

  • Show which pages of a website are most popular – Yes
  • Log which items of the website are clicked on – Yes
  • List which parts of the website a user doesn’t like – No
  • Identify where in the world visitors are logging on from – Yes

Google Digital Garage Quiz Answers

1. Which tool helps you measure the success of your website? 

  • Keyword Planner
  • Ad Gallery
  • Ad Preview Tool
  • Analytics

2. Which of the following statements is true when it comes to taking a business online?

  • Stick to what you are doing and don’t make changes
  • The same content works across online and offline platforms
  • Use analytics to make informed decisions
  • Use analytics to track your customers across the Internet

3. Which term best describes the business activity that occurs when website visitors buy products or services from you online?

  • E-commerce
  • Display advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Pay per click

4. Which of the following statements is true when marketing your business online?

  • You need a website to show up in search results
  • You’ll reach a similar client base to the one you have in the real world
  • You’ll be seen by the same volume of customers whether you use search advertising or not
  • Social media is a great way to engage your audience

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